Pond Care & Maintenance


We look after a number of local ponds ranging in size from small delicate show ponds on patios to mini lakes. Take a look at our photo gallery where we show some of our before and after pictures. We prefer to be contracted to undertake regular scheduled maintenance to keep your pond looking its best all year round. With careful planning you can save yourself money by spreading the cost with regular maintenance which makes the yearly spring clean that much easier and more cost effective. However if you would rather do the regular maintenance yourself we are more than happy to complete a major full strip down clean whenever you think it's necessary.

A full clean will include, cleaning and servicing of all pumps and filters, cleaning servicing of Ultra Violet units and replacing UV bulbs, full or partial water changes, vacuuming, plant pruning etc. Where necessary a full 10'000 litre temporary pond is erected so that repair and desludging can take place.

All our services are tailor made to your set up, needs and budgets whilst always keeping a watchful eye over the health and wellbeing of your fish, whether show Koi or the newts and frogs of nature ponds.  This is a particular speciality of Gareth Thomas, founder of DoLittle. 

For further information or book your pond maintenance appointment please telephone 01483 225611